From consumer taxation to complex business matters, Murray, Craven & Corley, L.L.P.​, serves the legal needs of individuals and businesses throughout North Carolina.
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Trustworthy Construction And Surety Legal Counsel

Attorneys at Murray, Craven & Corley, L.L.P., have successfully represented a wide variety of clients in many different types of construction cases. We advise and advocate for owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers regarding the following types of matters and more:

  • Government contracts
  • Liens
  • Delay and scheduling claims
  • Defect claims
  • Warranty claims
  • Prompt pay claims
  • Defect claims
  • Warranty claims

Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we represent individual contractors and construction-related businesses in and around Cumberland County, in surrounding counties and statewide. When necessary, we assist with cases involving other jurisdictions. Locally based construction companies that also do business in neighboring states can turn to us for comprehensive, targeted legal counsel.

Defect Claims, Performance And Payment Bonds, Bids And More

We understand the complex nature of construction defect cases. We represent clients in resolving performance issues as well as issues involving bids. In these and other areas of construction and surety law, we share our clients’ goals to resolve transactions and disputes cost-effectively and decisively. Regardless of their roles in such cases, our clients can count on our knowledge and skills to help protect their legal interests.

Dispute Resolution

When conflicts or controversies in these areas arise, we aim to help our clients resolve conflicts through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating these types of claims and are always ready to take a case to court if necessary.

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