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Reliable Legal Counsel For Executors And Others With Interest In Probate Proceedings

Are you responsible for settling a loved one’s estate? Or do you need legal advice on how to protect business interests after your business partner’s death? Murray, Craven & Corley, L.L.P., in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is here to help with these and other estate administration matters. Perhaps your family member died without a will (intestate). If so, you or another responsible party may petition to be named the administrator, or personal representative, of that person’s estate.

Are all assets distributed through probate? Not necessarily. Many people talk about keeping assets out of probate with trusts, but in fact, estates typically include at least some property that is not included in any existing trusts. Most estates are administered through probate – the court-supervised legal process by which assets of a deceased person are passed on to living people or organizations. In North Carolina the Clerk of Superior Court handles probate. Our probate law attorneys are ready to help you settle your loved one’s estate according to the law and in a timely manner.

Probate Procedures

Probate follows a well defined process. Administering your loved one’s estate will involve the following steps:

  • Opening the estate
  • Identifying or appointment of the executor
  • Notification to creditors and beneficiaries or heirs
  • Review of the will
  • Inventory of assets
  • Fulfillment of the probate court’s requirements
  • Distribution of assets

Trustees will likewise need to administer any trusts according to their terms and the law.

This brief list is not intended to be comprehensive or to serve as legal advice. A qualified probate lawyer can guide you efficiently and faithfully through all phases of estate administration. At Murray, Craven & Corley, L.L.P., our attorneys assist with final tax issues, represent clients in estate litigation as necessary, and advise on related matters such as the sale of real estate and distribution of proceeds to whomever will inherit those assets.

Get Answers, Direction And Help

The challenges and responsibilities associated with settling an estate can seem overwhelming. These burdens can be especially difficult during a time of grief over the loss of a family member or close friend. Our probate law attorneys sensitively and skillfully lift the loads that our clients carry after deaths in their families.

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