From consumer taxation to complex business matters, Murray, Craven & Corley, L.L.P.​, serves the legal needs of individuals and businesses throughout North Carolina.
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Comprehensive Legal Counsel On Taxation

Ocie F. Murray, Jr.’s background gives clients of Murray, Craven & Corley, L.L.P., an edge in the complex area of taxation. Mr. Murray was an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for six years prior to his entering private practice, and his time with the IRS included service as trial counsel in Washington, D.C. Additionally, Mr. Murray holds an advanced tax law degree (L.L.M.) and is a past-chair of the tax section of the North Carolina Bar Association.

Mr. Murray’s representative capabilities and our firm’s practice areas in the area of tax litigation and tax planning are all-encompassing, as indicated by the brief summaries below.

Contested Tax Matters

Our experienced litigators are available to devise winning strategies for the resolution of tax controversies and legal problems such as the following:

  • Civil tax penalties and related issues
  • Offers in compromise
  • Abatement of penalties and levies
  • Abatement of garnishments
  • General tax litigation

No tax problem is too large or complex for us to tackle with skill and resolve. We have helped many individuals, couples and businesses in North Carolina overcome great challenges having to do with back taxes and other issues.

Tax Planning

Tax considerations often figure into legal pathways facing our clients in areas such as estate planning, probate, business organization and more. We offer insights and solutions in tax planning areas such as the following:

  • Estate tax planning
  • Business tax-related matters

Attorney Murray is available to assist with tax matters before all divisions of the North Carolina Department of Revenue, as well as the IRS. He regularly works with clients’ accountants and/or CPAs in resolving tax matters that are sometimes stand-alone cases and sometimes part of multifaceted legal matters.

Providing Tax Advice To Our Troops Who Are Deployed

Do you serve in one of the armed forces or work as a government contractor assisting the armed forces? We have helped many military personnel members understand and manage their responsibilities for declaring income and paying income tax. We advise on foreign-earned income exclusion as well as U.S.-sourced income for soldiers and other service members.

Our lawyers can help you interpret tax laws that pertain to your unique situation while you are deployed. For example, we will inform you of opportunities you may have to extend filing and paying taxes on your income if you are deployed in a combat zone. If your spouse is managing your business income while you are abroad, we can facilitate accurate accounting and clear communications to help both of you comply with tax liabilities efficiently.

We honor your service and look forward to helping you avoid common pitfalls in accounting for and paying taxes on income earned overseas. Turn to our experienced, dedicated business law attorneys for advice and assistance. We will inform you on how to report such income and ensure that you are prepared for an IRS audit at any time. Your security and peace of mind matter a great deal.

Schedule A Consultation About Your Tax Matters

Bring your questions to our attention regarding tax litigation, tax planning or other taxation issues. Call 910-663-2329 or send an email inquiry through this website.